BMW OEM-Style Fit 8.0 Sat-Nav/Bluetooth Stereo (2005-2013 Models)

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BMW OEM-Style Fit Aftermarket Sat-Nav/Bluetooth/DVD Stereo Unit (2005-2013 Models)

Fitting Instructions:

1. If you have the original navigation screen on your BMW, you can fit and install our item. However, the screen will no longer display anything. It will stay blank. 

2. Some models will require the Battery cable needs to be connected, as some factory systems don't have a +12v constant feed to them.

3. If your model has the Stop/Start button and/or Heated Seats panel below the Climate Control then you will need to relocate this panel to the Ashtray by purchasing a new BMW part. We can point you in the right direction for this (this product will be available from us soon)

4. If you BMW has the fibre optic LOGIC 7 sound system, this can be retained by purchasing an additional item in store.


This custom fit head unit is designed to be a direct fit after-market replacement head unit for the original fitted head unit. The unit is supplied with a matching audio plug fitting from what should be standard, for a simple plug and play* installation. Please read the fitment notes (if any) assigned to this product as we try to advise as many points and possibilities as we can. The fitment guide is given as a guide only. Each vehicle may have a variation so please make sure you've checked everything to be sure the product will be suitable.

These are suitable for:

  • BMW 3 Series E90 | E91 | E92 | E93 (2005 - Onwards)

This item comes complete with BOTH the manual and automatic air conditioning fascia panels.

PANEL SIZE: Top Width 268mm x Height 115mm x Bottom Width 240mm

PANEL SIZE WITH AIR CON FASCIA: 268mm x 175mm x 221mm 

Simplified Spec:

This unit has but not limited to:

  • GPS Navigation
  • USB Connection (External)
  • Bluetooth
  • Wi-Fi (This requires a dongle or Hotspot connection)
  • Android System (add apps if required)

Extras which can be added are:

  • DAB+ Aerial (User must be aware that not all areas cover this and there are flat spots in certain areas, this is being improved all the time as technology evolves)
  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). After you have correctly installed the TPMS in your car, the sensors will automatically monitor tyre pressure and temperature.
  • Front Facing DVR Safety Camera. Record everything that happens in front of you.
  • OBD II Car Diagnostic Tool. Additonal unit is required and is an engine management and diagnostic tool that simply plugs into your car's OBD port and connects to the head unit via Bluetooth.
  • Rear View Reverse Camera. We offer rear view cameras, please check other items.

*These parts being supplied are not genuine items but are of high quality.