MTX Road Thunder 8" Underseat Powered Sealed Enclosure

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MTX Road Thunder 8" Underseat Powered Sealed Enclosure Sub-Woofer+Amplifier (All Models)


Small enclosure, impressive bass, easy to fit.

When space inside your vehicle is limited, it can be difficult to find room for a subwoofer. MTX has solved this problem by creating a shallow-mount powered sub that fits in cramped confines to give you impressive bass without taking up a whole lot of space.

MTX designed their powered subwoofer to deliver high-quality bass response in an enclosure small enough to fit your vehicle's nooks and crannies. This sub will fit under most seats and behind many truck seats. With a built-in amp that delivers 150 watts RMS to the low-profile 8" sub, you'll get the rich, full bass you need in a simple, easy-to-fit package.

You'll also get a full control set to tune your low end to your music and your tastes. A variable low-pass crossover lets you set the frequency anywhere from 50 Hz to 150 Hz so you can adjust the sound to best complement your speakers. The bass boost control gives you up to +12 dB of boost at 45 Hz, and the phase switch allows additional adjustment to dial in your system. A wired remote control connects to the sub via a 3.5mm cable, letting you adjust the bass response from the driver's seat.

This features speaker-level and line-level inputs so you can run the sub directly from your car stereo, or get a signal from your speaker wiring. The high-density aluminum enclosure keeps the sub and amp safe from thumps and bumps, and the metal grille protects the speaker.


- The best and most simple way to add good bass in your system
- Reduced size and thickness for underseat installations
- Powerful Class-AB amplifier for a realistic bass reproduction
- Possible invisible installation
- EBC remote control included.
- High and Low level inputs
- Automatic remote when used with high level inputs
- Phase setting : 0 or 180 degrees


- Subwoofer : 20cm (8")
- Class-AB mono block amplifier
- Peak Power : 600W
- RMS Power : 150W
- Active X-over : variable 50~150Hz
- EBC remote included
- High and low level inputs
- Auto switch on with high-level inputs
- Input sensitivity : 0,1V~4V
- Phase switch : 0 or 180 degrees
- Bass boost : @45Hz variable 0 to +12dB
- Dimensions : 345x242x78mm
- Weight : 5Kg